damian, batman


LOOK AT DAMIAN oh god his face

Oh precious baby you and Dick are going to be Batman and Robin FOREVER OKAY

Even after you go through your rebellious teenage phase and decide to go off and become Nightwing or something

In your hearts you will still be

The Dynamic Duo

I promise
avatar, zhao thinks he is an ogre

working vacay

Thinking of doing a working holiday in not-Japan once the JET alternates deadline has passed

idk would just be nice to be doing my own thing and having adventures and seeing what is out there and maybe I don't want to have those adventures in Japan okay?? Maybe after like six years I am a little tired of thinking about it.


fuck this shit I'm moving to

New Zealand
maybe Italy their webpage is kind of a gong show

ETA: oh and uh quick rundown of why these made the cut

England: an english-speaking country would be a good starter country imo. Also I know some bros around there.
France: I always hated everything French growing up, and now I am starting to feel the opposite. France, let us reconcile. Also French is a good thing to know when you're working in Canada.
New Zealand: English-speaking, really pretty, and my dear Alastair lives there. If he moves this will get bumped hells of down.
Italy: I have a boner for Roman history.

Or I guess I could just like

move to Eastern Canada for awhile and get much the same thrill without any of the paperwork

(I forget that this country is gigantic)

So that's an option
robin, ..., wtf

beep boop

So my great uncle died today.

I have only seen him a handful of times and he was totally nuts via dementia so I am not really sure what to think about this.
hrm, franken fran


So this new lady @ work

Who was apparently a regular who I don't remember at all

Keeps going on about how amazing I am

And it makes me super uncomfortable???

When I told her I write for fun sometimes she was all like "OH AMANDA I KNEW YOU WERE PERFECT"

It is

really weird


I am a person with faults I am very far from perfect I mostly just fake errything

Anyone who thinks I am better than average needs to meet more people imo