rock 'n' roll suicide

too old to lose it, too young to choose it

a bad enough dude to rescue the president
20 April 1987
Stark Raving
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University of Victoria - Victoria BC CA
Kelly Road Secondary School - Prince George BC CA (2001 - 2005)
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ai no kusabi, alcohol marinated anime cock, angel sanctuary, anthony hopkins, arc the lad, arrested development, baten kaitos, chemistry, christophe, clamp, corel photopaint, count cain, dirty lyrics, fake, ffvii, ffx, fullmetal alchemist, gay lawyers, glow effects, green day, harry potter, history, horror movies, hugo weaving, ian mckellan, itachi, jimi hendrix, john stewart, johnny depp, kaidoh, kakei, kaori yuki, kung fool, kyou kara maou, legal drug, love mode, lyude, major ivan raidenovich raikov, metal gear solid, michael lee, momokai, murata ken, murder princess, nanami kai, nicholas d. wolfwood, nintendo, ocelot, oofuri, overdrive, patrick stewart, personfication of computers, pet shop of horrors, plato, posters, prince of tennis, punk rock, puppets who kill, roy mustang, sakurazuka seishiro, shigure, simpsons, slash, snake's victory dance, socrates, south park, star trek, star wars, stargate, swordspoint, tala, the boss, the daily show, the sorrow, tokyo babylon, trigun,, twincest, uvic, vampires, venus envy, video games, witch hunter robin, wufei chang, yami no matsuei, yaoi

Username: DMK || Real Name: Amanda || Age: 24 || Born: Apr 20

University graduate, sci-fi/fantasy nerd, Marvel fangirl, casual gamer, recovering Japanophile, white trash on the inside.


MOSTLY: Hetalia, Pandect, Kyou Kara Maou, Warcraft
ALSO COOL: From Eroica with Love, Franken Fran, Metalocalypse, Venture Bros, Oofuri, House, South Park
OLD: DBZ, Gundam Wing, Naruto, Beyblade, Phoenix Wright, Prince of Tennis


FOUNDER: what_the_fruk, beyblade_yaoi
MOD: anime_101


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